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Zhejiang Jinjiang Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a building materials manufacturing enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of medium and high grade exterior wall sandblasting coating, stone like paint, interior and exterior wall coating, reflective insulation coating, polyurethane insulation board, aluminum composite insulation board, aerogel insulation board series products.

In recent years, the company has carried out a lot of research on the thermal insulation and air tightness of grain warehouses, introduced a whole process computer automated continuous production line of thermal insulation boards, and has launched polyurethane thermal insulation boards, aluminum composite thermal insulation boards, aerogel thermal insulation boards and other thermal insulation board products. The composite board made of single-sided composite embossed aluminum plates is a new generation of thermal insulation materials with good physical properties and long-term service life, Excellent heat insulation and air tightness.

The exterior wall sandblasting coating and interior and exterior wall coating series produced by the company are rich in color, stable in performance, and have many advantages such as good alkali resistance, dirt resistance, scrub resistance, weather resistance, non fading, non falling off, non cracking, and water seepage resistance; Reflective heat insulation coating series products can effectively reflect, transmit and block the heat wave of infrared ray in sunlight. They have both decorative effect, heat insulation function and fire retardant function. The production technology department of the company can customize satisfactory products for users according to their different requirements.

Up to now, the company has successively provided sandblasting coatings for more than 300 grain depots and more than 8 million square meters of warehouse maintenance and transformation projects affiliated to China Grain Storage and National Grain Reserve; In addition, the company also provides a large number of products in polyurethane insulation board, aluminum composite insulation board, aerogel insulation board, reflective insulation coating, interior wall coating and exterior wall elastic coating, etc. The products produced by the company have been widely used in the field of grain depot decoration, and have won unanimous praise from grain depots and expert leaders.

Looking ahead, we have a long way to go. We strictly control the production process; In terms of product sales, we are committed to serious and responsible professional after-sales service attitude. The company will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "being genuine at a reasonable price, keeping improving, constantly expanding, and being brave in innovation", and follow the development path of industrialization, collectivization, and internationalization to forge ahead and create new heights.