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Smile communication and development
      Smile: make yourself with a peaceful smile, to give every customer the sense of Shu Xin.
      Smile is the most beautiful language, is an enterprise tolerance performance. Smile is a kind of culture, self-confidence, optimism, health, sunshine culture. This is also the goldsmith company components of corporate culture, is the external window.
      Communication: to communicate with colleagues, enhance team awareness; communicate with customers, understand their demands.
      By establishing good and smooth communication channels, make the enterprise culture of the effective communication, so as to ensure the correctness of the implementation of enterprise culture power, direction, grasp the degree, to reflect the company's image and style.
      If everyone can consciously use various effective ways to communicate, to let others understand their own responsibilities and status, can timely win others' understanding and support, can effectively solve various due to each other and do not understand and produce unnecessary misunderstanding, multiplier.
      Ren: a friendly working environment, people-oriented, seeking a win-win situation
      For us, the staff is very important. We respect the staff, but also for staff development and provide a condition. We hope that every employee has a sense of achievement and a sense of belonging, to people-oriented, to achieve a win-win effect.
      Development: to grasp the opportunity, advance with the times, seek the sustainable development
      Enterprise must realize the sustainable development, should pay more attention to establish a good corporate image company image directly and enterprise promote decline, or linked, enterprise visibility and reputation of organic combine to form the enterprise 's image in public.
      In order to adapt to market changes, to continuously change the original requirement of market competition, the old concepts and modes of thinking, and as much as possible with new concept and thinking method to guide the behavior of enterprises, in order to avoid being eliminated by the society. This is the sustainable development, change the understanding to innovation.